AR/VR for Marketing and Sales

13.11.2018 Berlin

The crash course in augmented and virtual reality for growing business.

About the Conference

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and even Mixed Reality (MR). Businesses from nearly every sector are using these innovative technologies to connect with customers in unique engaging ways that were previously not possible.

New Realities – AR/VR for Marketing and Sales conference, will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to augmented, mixed and virtual reality and explore how the technology can help you achieve your business goals.

  • Keynotes from industry leaders with real world use cases
  • Immersive workshops to match your application with your objective
  • Network with expert service providers, startups and peers to generate innovative ideas and build relationships
  • Get hands-on with the technology during our interactive evening event

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The conference takes place in the Quadriga Forum, which spreads out on over 1200m², representing one of the most elegant and stylish locations for business events right in the heart of Berlin.

Contact us

Patricia Mulloy
Conference Manager
+49 30 84859-321


Helge Schlüter
Business Development
+49 30 84859-124



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