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Digital Devotion Group

DDG – Digital Devotion Group® provides the ultimate ecosystem for Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality, as well as Artifical Intelligence.
DDG develops game-changing products such as our ZREALITY SPACES® platform or our URBANTIMETRAVEL® experiences. Apart from that, we identify, prototype and incubate associated technologies within new companies.


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Virtual Reality Business Club

The VR Business Club is the leading german business network for executives who wants to implement Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality into their business strategies. Our members are companies from all fields such as the manufacturing industry, the automotive industry, entertainment, locations, tourism as well as premium brands. We regularly organize events across Germany to discuss monetization, business models and the evolution of the VR, AR and MR market related to the near future.


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We’re a company with more than 200 people on board and somebody is always there for you. Whether you’re hesitating regarding your ideas or don’t really have a complete understanding of how to plan things out , we are here to guide you. Our core strength is to craft mobile apps, websites and VR/AR masterpieces. In addition, there’s a wide range of cool stuff that we do: Backend/Frontend solutions, QA support, UI/UX design. Share your vision of how your product should look like and we’ll design it together for you and your audience. There’s more to check out at ThinkMobiles.com. Hope you’ll enjoy some useful tips from us


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